Baby Fox
Gender Male
Species British Red Fox
Age 1
Residence United Kingdom & Ireland
Relative(s) Mrs Sheep
First appear. The Parade Problem
Baby Fox first appears in the episode, "The Baby Problem". Mrs Sheep asks Peg and Cat to babysit Baby Fox, and when he ends up building a complex block tower, Peg and Cat have to rescue him from the very top. He first appears in The Parade problem. In which he joins the nursery school for the Halloween Parade. Baby Fox seems to like spitting at Cat. His next appearance is The Baby Problem. He builds a large machine and Peg and Cat have to get him down. They end up building a stairway and they are successful at it. Baby Fox then appears in The Rocking Out Problem. He builds another machine which Peg,Cat, and Beethoven get stuck in. He appears in The Flatwoman Problem. And he appears in the splashing in the bathroom scene. He very briefly makes a cameo in Peg and Cat Save The World Part 2. Baby Fox can also be seen in The Scrap of Map Problem.