"Do not forget me... I eat fat BOOTY!!!."

— Betty  in "The Triology Problem Part II:Where Peg and Cat Get To Visit The 7D Jimmy Neutron"

Betty Fry is a 13-year-old transfer in Mathtropolis and the main appearence is The Triology Problem.


He originally transferred to Wayside after an accident involving helpingkindergarten kids with retrieving toys, only for an unusual series of events to happen, leading the toys to be destroyed by a wood chipper. Ever since, he fears kindergarten kids. However, his stay at Wayside is no better; every day, he manages to get into enough trouble as to being sent home early on the kindergarten bus. Though he never deliberately misbehaves, Peg frequently punishes him, due to technicalities and minor infractions (like answering a question on don't answer a teacher's question day). He has came to good terms with the kindergarten kids at Wayside after saving a girl's stuffed animal. His social status is questionable. He is good friends with Peg. A running gag that often occurs with Cat throughout the series is when Kidswatter calls him "344", his address, instead of his name.


To be  is the "victim" of crush, even though he doesn't think of her as a girlfriend but only a friend but still he still is getting punched in the shoulder on many occasions.