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Peg is the main protagonist of the TV show, Peg + Cat. She is voiced by Hayley Faith Negrin. As the Protagonist, She explains the situation in each episode directly to the "camera", announces when she have "a big teeth problem , and reasons out solutions to her teething problem. 

Personality Edit

Peg is a nice, easy going, and caring person who would do anything for her friends, although she can be easily frazzled when when it looks like she might not be able to solve the problem. Despite this, Peg tends to enjoy confronting problems. She get easily thrilled when she's making progress; breaks into song and plays her ukulele!

Talents and Abilities Edit

showing her gleaming teeth 

Appearance Edit

showing her gleaming teeth

She is a growing girl who wears a red hat and t shirt with #1. She wear blue jeans and sneakers She has Natural Flat Macaroon hair with Marmalade highlights &gleaming teeth.


Relationships Edit

(Peg's teeth) Edit

Peg's teeth growing in though 20 & 32 She has a special blue marble hiding under her hat.

  • Her favorite crayon is big blue". She is voiced by Hayley Faith Negrin.
  • She has a girl group called The Pentagirls. 
  • Her birthday is possibly 2001, stating she is a 16 year old girl. (2012), in 2017, she is 15-16 

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