The Peg + Cat song is the song that Peg and Cat sing at the beginning of every episode.


Peg: [strumming ukelele]

1! 2! 1 2 3 4!

[Peg strums ukelele, she and Cat dance.]

Peg: Peg + Cat.

Cat: [humming] da da dadada da da

Peg: Peg + Cat

Cat: [humming] Da da dadada da da!

Peg: 1 2 3

Yeah c'mon let's go

4 5 6

Hey whaddaya know

7 8 9

Hey what comes next?

Cat: Uh, 10?

Peg: 10!

You're the best


Na na na na na

Me + you

Na na na na na

Peg: We're Peg +

Cat: Cat!

Peg: Peg +

Cat: Cat!

Peg: Peg +

Cat: Cat!

Peg & Cat: Peg + Cat!

[Peg and Cat giggle and laugh. Episode starts.]