Birthday Party Mummy is a Peg + Cat episode from Season 3.

This episode features Peg (minus Cat and his friends exploring a lost tomb after watching a movie and become trapped in the tomb.



Peg and his friends go to Egypt after watching a boring 97-hour documentary movie based on it. They vacation on the sands until a sandstorm hits, which chases them into a pyramid, which leads to them being attacked by mummies after Peg accidentally zaps them with his life ray. To defeat the mummies, the friends give Aki a new hairstyle (that actually looks like Cleopatra's). This allows Libby to put the mummies asleep for 10 trillion years (because Queen Aboutimeforhurtyou in the tomb is based on Aki). For sneaking out of class, the class gets ten demerits. But for discovering the lost tomb, they get free recess at the playground and swimming lessons at the pool all week. Johnny then realizes Jimmy's life ray must've worked on reviving his loved friend, Baby Fox, who was shown dead in the beginning of the episode. This is the episode that explains the origin of  Aki's first look with a ninja suit.

Birthday Party Mummy

The tomb (instead of the titlecard) together

Episode 2
Season 3
Airdate September 19, 2016
Problem Desert-Life
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