The Teens are supporting characters in Peg + Cat.


The Teens are described by Peg and Cat as cool, because they love pizza, texting, and saying really "rockin'" words. They are known for their ages on their shirts.

  • Tessa (Born January 27, 2004), the youngest teen, is thirteen years old and wears a yellow dress and is a member of Peg's girl group, The Pentagirls.
  • Mora (Born February 29, 2003) wears a green sweatshirt with an all-pink ensemble of belt, shorts and leggings and is fourteen.
  • Jesse (Born April 1, 2002) (eldest teen) is 15 and wears a blue shirt and hiker boots.

The Teens In The Billboard in The Monster Problem Edit


The Teen's Pizza 1-800-ROCK-ITUDE

These are the teens who get a job at a pizzeria during the episode of The Monster Problem.

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